Tapered Edges and Long Top with Hi Lites

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High and Tight with Sweep

Long Shag Cut

Boy’s Summer Crew

Textured Faux-Hawk with Tapered Edges

Tapered Edges and Swept Back Top

Faded Cut and Heavy Texture on Thick Coarse Hair

Sculpted Taper with Sept Bang


Tapered Edges on Thick Hair

Long and Layered Cut

High and Tight tapered cut to smooth very thick hair

Textured Layered Cut on Coarse Hair

High and Tight Fauxhalk

Tapered & Angled Cut on Thick Hair


Tapered and Beveled Cut on Wiry Hair

Tapered Edges With Long Sweep

Textured cut on thick wavy hair for loose styling

Tapered loose layered cut

Tapered Cut on Thick Gray Hair

Tapered and Edged Cut wotj Textured Top

Layered cut to control ultra thick, bushy hair

Bodifying cut on Fine Hair

Long Faux Hawk with Tapered Edges

Textured Top With Loose Layers and Tapered Edges

High and Tight Short Cropped Cut with Light Fringe

Textured and Thinned Cut on Very Thick Hair

Hi Lites on fine hair

Tight cropped cut to control various cowlicks

Fine Edged Cut on Fine Thin Hair

Golden Blonde Color To Tone White Hair, Soft Layered Cut

High and Tight Cropped Tapered Cut

Layered cut to control culry frizzy hair

Smoothing Cut to Minimize Stubborn Cowlicks

Long Fine Hair Transformed to Tapered Cut

Short cropped & lined

Short cropped & lined style

Lined Cut to Define Thinning Hairline and Beard Shaping