Eyeliner Before

Eyeliner After

Lipliner Before

Lipliner After

Prior To Enhancement

Immediately Following Enhancement

8 Weeks After Enhancement

Immediately After 8 Week Touchup

Eyebrows after 1st application

Eyebrows immediately after 30 day touchup

Forearm camouflage 30 days after 1st application, prior to touchup of 3rd degree burn, raised scar tissue, tissue discoloration

Upper arm – prior to pigementation corrention, white spots

Upper arm – immediately following re-pigmentation camouflage

Upper arm – 2 months after initial treatment, prior to touchup

Before applicaiton of Eyeliner

Immediately after Eyeliner application

Eyeliner One Month After First Application

Eyeliner Immediately After Touchup

Completed Eyeliner, Two Weeks After Touchup

Lipliner Immediately After Frist Application

Lip Liner 3 weeks after first application

Touchup 6 weeks after first application

Natural Looking Lipliner Complete, Lips were widened and plumped to correct for thinness

Before Eyeliner

Eyeliner Immediately After First Application

Eyeliner 7 Weeks After First Application

Corrective Eyeliner Before – Liner is uneven in thickness, color and shape

Eyeliner corrections 2 weeks after first application – color and shape evened out