Gold and Blonde Hi Lites with Long Loose Layers and Sweeping Bangs

Gentle Blended HiLites with Soft Layered Flip Cut

Hi Light Correction on Overbleached Fine Hair with Layered Stack

Child’s Soft Bobb

Long Layered Shag With Hi Lites

Hi Lites with Textured A Symmertrical Pixie Shag

Vibrant Red Color with Toned Hi Lites and Fringed Layered Cut on Coarse Wavy Hair

Balyage Hi Lites on Stacked Wedge to Accent Loose Beach Waves

Textured full body Bobb on wavy hair

Bride’s updo with HiLites and Smoothing Cut

Balyage with Swing Bobb

Toned Blonde Hi/Low Lites on Coarse Silver Hair with Shagged Cut

Psychedelic Ombre for ‘Dipped Paint’ Effect

Stacked Textured Cut on Coarse Hair

Lady Jan 2016 (1)

Textured Fringe on Coarse Hair With Hilights

Loose Tousled Cut With Fringed Layers for Wavy Hair

Asymmetrical Undercut to De-Bulk Thick Hair

Hi and Low Lites to Blend and Soften Coarse Grey Hair

Inverted A Line Swing Bobb on Thick Hair

Balyage Hi Lites on Fine Hair with Layered Shag

Hi and Low Lights on Coarse Spiky Hair

Textured Layerd Shag Bobb on Thick, Coarse Hair

Contrasting multi HiLites on dark hair with long layered cut

Stacked and Tapered Layers with Long Bangs

Very Textured Pixie Cut with Edged Nape

Bridal Updo, Hair extensions added to match

Tapered Layered Cut to Remove Bulk and Add Fringe on Very Thick, Coarse Hair, With Highlights

Textured Fringe on Thick Coarse Hair for Soft Edges

Ultra Tapered Platinum Pixie

Textured Fringed Cut on Long Silky Hair

Hi Lited A Line Bobb with Hot Pink Face Frame

Textured and Hi Lighted Pixie

Sporty Spikey Textured Cut with Hand Styling and Texture Cream

Hair Extensions added to fine hair

Asymmetrical Side Sweep

Hi Lift Color with Hi Lite Overlay and Loose Layered Cut on Thick, Coarse, Curly Hair

Light Fringed Sculpted Tapered Cut on Thick Hair

Sculpted Neckline on Inverted Stacked A LIne

Tossled Layers with Hi Lights on Wavy Hair

Dreadlock Hair Extensions

Hi Lites with Blended Shagged Cut on Curly Hair

High Contrast Hi Lites with Subtle Long Layers and Long Bangs

Hi Lites on Long, Loose Layered Cut

Geometric Lines Edged Into Tapered Nape on Thick Hair

Loose Long Layered Cut With Texture for Lift

Tapered Cut to thin and Control Coarse, Frizzy, Curly Hair

Asymmetrical Side Sweep With Cropped side and Back with Vibrant Red Color

Hi Lites with Long Loose Layered Cut and Swept Bangs

Ultra Purple Fringe on Layered Coarse Hair

Short Pixie Cut

Medium Golden Brown Color to Blend, Soft Layered Active Cut on Curly Hair

Solid Swing Line Cut with Short Cropped Bangs

Radical Undercut to Remove Ultra Bulky Thick Hair to Add Sculptural Definition

Bodifying HiLites for Long Fine Hair

Electric Blue Bobb

Long Layered Cut on Fine Hair to Give Volume

Soft Hi Lites and Gentle Layered Cut

Interted stacked A Line wedged Bobb with bangs

Loose Long Layered Cut to Lighten Thick Bulky Hair with Semi Permanent Color for Blending

Soft Layered Shag Cut

HiLites on Baby Fine Dirty Blonde to Give Fullness

Beveled Bobb to Control Frizz and Wave for Smooth Style on Thick Hair

Soft Chin Length Bobb with Blended Natural HiLites

Long Layered Cut to Flair Thick Hair

Long Layered cut to smoothe wavy hair

Color and Hi Lite Overlay on Long Thick Hair, Layered Shag Cut

Blonde Color with Hi Lite Overlay and Textured Layers to Soften Thick Resistant Hair

Solid Color with HiLite Overlay and Fringed Layers on Thick Hair

Ultra Long Loose Layered Cut

Long Layered Cut with Fringe on Coarse Thick Hair

Tapered & Layered A Line with Golden Blonde HiLites on Thick Hair

Loose Fringed Bobb on Fine Hair

Solid Color, Classic Sharp Beveled Swing Bobb Cut

Brightened HiLites on Fine Brunette Hair

Texturized layered flip cut on very straight hair with HiLites

Asymetrical A line on Fine Hair

Pale golden blonde solid color with multi blonde HiLite overlay and loose layered cut

Hi Lites & Long Layered Cut on Curly Hair

Color Correction with Long Layered Fringed Cut

Vibrant Red Tones with Hi Lite Overlay and Heavily Textured Cut for Body

Long Layered cut & bangs on fine HiLighted hair

A Symetrical Bobb

Waist Length Cut to Shoulder Length Flip Bobb

Perm and Hi Lites to Bodify Ultra Fine Hair with Layered Sport Cut

Casual HiLites over Dirty Blonde Natural with Long Layers

Contrasting HiLites and Lowlites with Layered Bobb

Gentle Shagged Cut for Volume

Dark Neutral Blonde Over Resistant Gray

HiLites, Cuts, and Formal Updos

Solid color with HiLite Overlay and layered cut to de bulk thick hair

Low Lites and Gentle Layers to Soften Coarse Stark White Hair

Flaired Layered Cut for Volume on Fine Straight Hair

Solid Color, HiLite Overlay, Pixie Cut

Natural HiLites, Long Smooth Layers on Wavy Hair

Solid Color with HiLite Overlay on Fine Gray Hair with Layered Bobb

Active Layered Flip Cut with Tapered Neck and Textured Bangs

Solid Color & Casual Perm with Soft Layered Cut

Layered Fringed Cut on Thick HiLited Hair

Corrective HiLite to Lift Dark Brown with Layered Cut

Textured Pixie Cut with Hi Lites

Vibrant Red Tones to Remove Bright Gray with Layered Cut

HiLites on Fine Hair with Soft Layered Cut for Body

Solid Color with HiLIte Overlay on Resistant Hair

Soft Stacked Layered Cut to Blend Coarse Curly Hair

Long Layered Cut on Thick Curly Hair with Solid Color

Straightening with Blended HiLites

Loose, Long Layered Cut with Sweeping Bang Line

Solid Color with Hi Lite Overlay and Long Smooth Layered Cut

Warm Golden Red Solid Color with One Length Cut

Textured Fringe Cut Growing Out from Ultra Short Length

Long Feathered Fringe & Hi Lites to Soften Frizzy Hair

Warm Golden Red Color to Lift Up Dull Brittle Hair, Cut with Long Loose Layers

Beveled Inverted Wedge Cut with Textured Layers

Bright HiLites on Gingered Curls with Tapered Fringe

Sharp Chin Length Bobb with Deep Solid Color

Textured Bodifying Cut with Solid Color

Tapered Neckline and Heavily Textured Layers to Thin Out Thick, Bushy Hair

Gray Blending Multi Color with Inverted A Line

Low Lites to Add Dimension on Solid GrayWhite Hair with Soft Layered Cut

Shoulder Length Transformed from Waist Length Hair

Wedged Cut on Very Coarse Hair

Layered Cut to Diffuse Very Coarse Curly Hair

HiLite, Toning and Beveled Cut on Ultra Fine Hair

Soft Long Layered Cut on Coarse Curly Hair