stars 5

stars 5 I’VE NEVER GOTTEN SO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON MY HAIR! …and all I do is shower and run my fingers through it. Story time. I know better… but there I was in a chair at Perfect Look, getting a trim, talking too much and not paying attention when SNIP… huh, that was an odd CHUNK of hair to lop off… in fact do I spy lots of odd chunks…? Fast forward – next day at work – ha ha ha – me and my co-workers can’t stop laughing at the incredible butcher job. I find MIKE at the ART of HAIR on the internet. He listens to my story and gets me in for an appointment immediately because he is a CARING, compassionate person. He gave me a “CAMOUFLAGE HAIRCUT” to cover up my super-short bangs and “COCKER SPANIEL” looking hair chunks. The camouflage turns out to be one of the BEST HAIRCUTS of my life. Now I am receiving more compliments on my hair than ever – and all I have to do is shower and put my fingers through my hair a few times – now that is a GENIUS HAIRCUT! Now I can’t stop trying to convince everyone to go see Mike. Go see Mike from the Art of Hair. You will love him and your hair! Thanks Mike!!! – Rebecca Kramer