stars 5 I shared my hair loss concerns with Mike during a haircut last November, 2014. I was shedding hair throughout the day. Showers were making me cry because of the clump of hair that would end up in the drain by the end of them. Doing my hair in the mornings was becoming a nightmare. It was getting harder and harder to spread hair around enough to cover up views of my scalp. I was not only upset, but outright scared.

Mike shared information about a laser hair growth machine that some of his clients had already used with good results. It was not a cheap (low cost) machine. The price was enough to make me hesitate. By the beginning of 2015, however, I was desperate enough to try anything, even if it was a little pricey.

The decision to take Mike’s recommendation could not have been more right for me. I have been using the laser hair growth machine for about 4 months now. While I was told not to expect real results until after 6 months of continuous use, I noticed significant results just after 3 months. First my hair shedding and loss during showers reduced by more than half. Then, noticeable new hair growth started coming in. Evidenced by the increased hair spray needed to keep the shorter new hairs down. Visible spots of my scalp are becoming less and less.

Though not cheap the laser hair treatment machine was worth every single penny I spent on it. I am so glad for Mike’s recommendation and my eventual trust in his recommendation. On top of his great recommendation, Mike is also an excellent stylist who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend regardless of whether or not a hair growth machine recommendation would be of use to you. —  Vida Tavera