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The FDA finds new Laser Light therapy medically significant to treat chronic hair loss and pattern baldness in both men and women.  There are only 3 products that are FDA approved for hair loss treatment: Rogaine, Propecia, and MEP 90 Low Level Laser System.  When combined with stimulating topical products, laser therapy has proven to be the most effective method to reverse hair loss — regular use of laser light therapy increases tensile strength, density of hair follicles, and thickness of hair follicles. 

Three treatments per week at 30 minutes each are recommended.  No side effects of any kind.  Laser units used to be available only in a doctor’s office.  The FDA now allows salons to obtain home laser units for clients in order to make treatment easier and more affordable.  

The Art of Hair orders Home Laser units directly from the manufacturer, the doctor who ran the clinical trials for FDA approval.  The units we offer are guaranteed to be the correct wavelength and strength to promote the development of stronger and thicker hair.  Various companies may offer similar equipment, but many have been found to be LED technology, not the frequency of laser light required for improved results.  

Regular use of Laser Light therapy can improve hair quality within weeks.  Initial treatments should be ongoing for the better part of a year, and then maintenance doses revert to twice monthly.  Safe and easy to use, clients who have purchased units from The Art of Hair report that they receive compliments within weeks (improvement in hair thickness and shine) within weeks of use. 

Please contact The Art of Hair for more information or to order your own home laser unit.