Jan 22, 2010 — Mike’s cellphone started ringing at 7:30am.  “I hope its not’s too early to call you, Mike, but I wanted to tell you that you made the front page of the Oregonian!”  What in the world?  Had no idea that anything had happened.  Several clients called to read the article aloud, and several brought copies to the shop for posterity.  The article: “Olympic visitor’s plans could go south — to wrong Vancouver.”

Right in the first paragraph it says  “As sports fans head for the Winter Olympic Games that begin Feb. 12 in Vancouver, B.C., it will be fun to see how many of them actually get there. If recent history is an indication, a few could end up six hours south in Vancouver, Wash., where the only curling will be at Mike & Irma’s Art of Hair.”

Irma obviously has contacts in the media world. After all, she is a professional.  The article prompted giggles from many clients, and it is now proudly framed in the shop. And for all those Olympics travellers who find themselves in Vancouver USA, Irma says you should come on by for a haircut and some laughs before you head north!  Team USA goes for gold!  Many thanks to Rachael Bachman at the Oregonian for making us famous!