frizz dfismiss

Redken has created an amazing new anti frizz product that is absolutely amazing!  Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame is a cream based styling product that softens hair, makes it shiny, makes it easier to blow dry and style, and does not leave a gloopy residue.  It will take the coarsest, frizzed out messy hair and make it bouncy and stylish, or smooth and sleek.  This stuff is incredible.  I have been using it on all kinds of hair types, always with wonderful results.  The product declares it will reduce frizz by at least 80%, and it’s true!  It solves problem hair with ease.  Do you have those annoying flippy-dos or fly-aways that you can’t control?  Add some frizz dismiss, and poof! The hair responds beautifully.  It will also help keep hair from frizzing all day long when the weather is damp or humid.  And it keeps my curly hair from looking like a chia pet!  Rarely do I get this excited about a new product, but this one is worth all the fuss.  Customers love it so much that it flies off the shelf!