stars 5 I found Mike on Google search and was very curious how it is possible to have 5 stars from this many customers, knowing that there is always somebody unhappy or negative no matter how well you do. So I decided to try Mike as I was looking for somebody knowledgeable and professional. When I was looking at the pictures on his website of women with haircuts and styles, I didn’t quite see the hair styles that I wear, so I had slightly mixed feelings if it will be the right fit. However, after I had my hair cut with coloring and style, I was very impressed with how skilled and professional Mike is. He gave me one of the best haircut, color, and style I have not had for a long time. Mike is an artist and has been working in this field, especially serving women for 25 years, which makes him exceedingly sensitive to colors, as well as figuring out your personality and taste. There was absolutely nothing that I would say Mike could do better at this point. My husband was also very impressed to what he has done to my hair! I would highly recommend Mike’s services to everyone as I believe Mike is doing what he is called to do and what he enjoys doing… I am looking forward to see what he is going to do next to my hair! — Galyna Jensen