stars 5

stars_5 Two months ago I picked out The Art of Hair to call for an estimate to get my brows tatooed. I knew that after decades of ‘thinking’ about it, I would eventually do it. Skeptically, I moved forward. I’m sure those of you who are from the 60’s are familiar with the plucking of your brows until there is nothing left to grow!!! Well, I’m one of those. It would take me a good 10-15 minutes each morning to “do” my brows. Well, now that I’ve gone to Mike, the mornings are almost carefree when it comes to my makeup routime. He did an AWESOME job on my brows. I am a dark-haired woman and he matched my color wonderfully. The process was virtually painless! He does a ‘needleless’ numbing application that works great. I am very happy with my new brows and encourage anybody who has this problem to check him out. His eye for the painting he does, which is beautiful I must say, folds into his eye for your brows. He made sure that they were uniform to my face. Best decision I’ve ever made. – movind