Full Body Waxing

Mike uses a soy based wax that is antimicrobial, antibacterial, & sugar-free. Waxing can remove hair on over 95% of your skin surface. Soy wax goes on body temperature, does not harden, and completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb, shaft and papilla from below the skin surface. Originally developed for surgeons to remove hair from their patients before a surgical procedures, soy wax is the gold standard for waxing with longer lasting results. Hair is removed with reduced pain, with less redness and skin irritation. The most popular waxing services are a full back wax for men, the brazilian service, and eyebrow sculpting. Grooming services also include body clippering, body shaving, and cream depilatory treatments that are safe on sensitive areas — non-wax grooming services are more temporary methods of body hair removal.

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