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Laser Light Therapty Treats Hair Loss

The FDA finds new Laser Light therapy medically significant to treat chronic hair loss and pattern baldness in both men and women.  There are only 3 products that are FDA approved for hair loss treatment: Rogaine, Propecia, and MEP 90 Low Level Laser System.  When combined with stimulating topical products, laser therapy has proven to…


Paris 1905

Mike’s Great Grandfather (standing left) and Great Uncle (Seated middle with mustache) standing in front of the family barber shop in Paris. Mike’s family immigrated to Paris to start this business, and then moved to Canada and later the United States. At the time, Paris was the New York City of Europe.  The hair business runs…


Olympic Hair Styles

Jan 22, 2010 — Mike’s cellphone started ringing at 7:30am.  “I hope its not’s too early to call you, Mike, but I wanted to tell you that you made the front page of the Oregonian!”  What in the world?  Had no idea that anything had happened.  Several clients called to read the article aloud, and…